Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last appointment

I have no penalty. It was more than two months ago and no grief came. I count the days in the hope that happens, but not: I feel in my heart as if it nothing happened. It seems that I've retained me as this relief that occurs when something painful stops fight in our temples. Yes, it's true, the relief is always present. I did not know that could surprise waiting for her grief. And even hope. You know, I'd say goodbye properly. It seems that a modesty prevents me. Or something else, but what? You think that is loved enough, we both?

When I think about it, it may be true. It is is fleeced, you and I, our whole lives. There were too many people to love autour, it took no time really, for us.

Until the end, it compares to other small pieces of love, that's all. But remember as it was this glow of new complicity between us last year? We were all surprised one and the other. And happy. Of course, were in did not, but it was that we were happy. All this unexpected wealth, these horizons of things to say that it discovered suddenly, what a joy it was. It is well doubted that there would not be time to explore, but it was good. It was even better, in a way, you do not believe? But perhaps is it not sufficient for tears. We had what, one, two years of more… I do not know.

I wanted you to know, for my boat crossing, in a few months. You proud bristles, also a little envy. And still proud. I would have liked that you can tell your friends from the port that your little girl part see what it looks like, the heart of an ocean. With the air of their nodes Chair say, the row had borne fruit. Beaten with feet to the codend, y'a out of true. But I did not dare say you, last time, to the hospital. It caused you concern. In short, it was already too late. Sometimes, we rate little, that's how.

You know, I am counting the days for the first exit at sea. From Paris, I find myself to check the schedule for the opening of the doors, at the port, even if it is a little ridiculous. You have planted a frigging seeds in the hearts of your children, I will tell you. For that, you have not missed your shot. The next high tide takes place next month. If the weather is good this day there, I will be at sea on your boat, a bit with you, just for you. And it will go fishing with clams, it seems that there this year.

Ah, I just feel something. A small tingle at the bottom of the stomach. Something that is, who has the air to wait his time. You know what, this April 9, we may well go you and me. I am sure that there will be more things to say that it does.

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