Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hogan women Shoes collection autumn-winter 2011/2012

hogan Hogan fills our feminine wardrobe for next autumn-winter 2011/2012, which is now arrived, with many glamorous and trendy shoes, such as those that I propose in our image gallery. Many models offered, for a really interesting, rich creations that will enhance our look. Trendy accessories made according to the trend of this autumn-winter 2011/2012: take a look at your wardrobe and see if inside there is what you need to be always at the top.

Of course in the autumn-winter 2011/2012 Hogan sneakers are the big stars: the fashion label has accustomed us well when it comes to this model of footwear. The Interactive are the absolute protagonists, embellished with colors and glamorous and feminine details. Practical, comfortable chain shoes, casual chic taste, made even more trendy thanks to special treated maniacally. So as to have unique shoes.

But the collection of Hogan's shoes for the next season also consists of other models of footwear. We have the ankle boots, great protagonists of the cold season, or the other, from the high heels or wedges really elevated, embellished by the warm and soft fur to stay warm on colder days.

The new women's collection is made up, but also more classic shoes such as moccasins, great protagonists of the next cold season. And what about the décolletés, not too high or too low, also to ensure a safe?

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