Monday, October 31, 2011

The iPhone case by Gareth Pugh


Gareth Pugh is a young and brilliant British designer who lives and works in Paris and in recent years has really revolutionized the fashion world giving us a truly fabulous gothic and noir, unsuited to our life every day, but which was incorporated open arms by the stars of music, first by Lady Gaga but also by Kylie Minogue and Ashlee Simpson. Today I propose a fabulous case for iPhone Gareth Pugh, a very nice model and, of course, very original!

Gareth Pugh was born in 1981, last August 31 has turned 30 but looking at his resume or simply his page on Wikipedia is clear that these few years that are dense work, but also sacrifices a lot of success and 'luck. Do you think that at 14 years was the costume designer for the National Youth Theatre Italiano. Shows for the first time in London in 2006 before moving to Paris Fashion Week, which is really his kingdom, can overwhelm the experiment and classic fashion in Paris because anything is possible, there are no limits and stakes.
But there's more because Gareth Pugh was also courted by the Canadian cosmetics giant MAC for a collection of tricks out in November, including a few days!
The Case for iPhone Gareth Pugh is beautiful and glamorous, is made of gold leather with a very bright that it almost seems an ingot due to the texture effect laminate, has a flap with magnetic closure and a knockoff shoulder bags with gold clips supplied.
The price for keeping Gareth Pugh is 430.00 dollars, but in my opinion worth it all!

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