Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Gleaner

Look for shells on the beach is a gruelling and magical occupation. I found in the paperboard product of some of these miraculous fisheries that I enjoy from time to time to identify and sort - as, no doubt, I would do it if I had a mountain of jewelry available, and with, I guess, a pleasure equivalent - asking me how to take advantage of this treasure without value that sleeps most of the time in small duffel bags and takes in a small box.

I have not yet found the use that I could do, but see them thus stored as inventory has given me some ideas and the opportunity to begin to tame this beautiful light, invites every day at my table from 11 hours of the December…

I want, I think, to exploit this idea of inventory. I don't even know how and these photos are only a brief sketch. I realize also, by watching, that work alongside a great technician of the image for my column in stop motion, makes me much more demanding in photography: these images put me with many questions that I don't know yet how to solve: shadows that I can't hunt, a grain that I do not know how to get, poorly resolved tone, never blurred composition that I the'd This is very frustrating, even though I know that necessarily, all of this I will advance one way or another.

Good going, tracks to improve, a beginning of idea… and under the whining, here I am finally recipient of two very good news.

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