Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harvest of September

The other day, someone left this comment on a ticket which I spoke last books accumulated on my bedside table: "it makes me evil see Murakami and Marc Levy on the same list of reading". I have a point of view exactly opposed to this idea. It is therefore on this mode completely Center-filled everything that I began this harvest of things read, seen, heard.

I've closed a few days ago the wild camel of Philippe Jaenada. A book which received the award of flora shortly after its release and I have lots of fun to read, in particular because it is a funny book, which evokes me something like the chick bed (well written, one does not preclude the other in my opinion, don't see nothing pejorative here inside), envisaged from a male point of viewwith more areas of shadows but an equivalent lightness in the treatment of the text.

Before that, I finally read the mythical do not pull on the mocking bird (to kill a mocking bird) I recommend you, of course, not because, precisely, is a mythical book. Is, for my part, the character of the father that has me most excited, this man who appears with a kind of absolute knowledge of the human soul and I would like to be among my friends or my family members.

Among my readings, I also think the smell of the ginger does am still not safe to have really loved, but which, obviously, is a good book. This English heroine lost in China, and then to the Japan which confronts all forms of loneliness throughout his life do not left me indifferent. The shape of the narrative (journal, letters) is probably impeding my enthusiasm, I know not why.

And to end with a few readings that have caught my attention, I finished with the best: three horses of Erri De Luca. After you mio, this confirms: I found that one of my favorite authors. To the finish not too fast, I have lent it to a friend while I was arriving in the story (I'm therefore not finished my reading to this day). De Luca has this particular tip of the authors who leave their borrows, you and make your reading something that might look like in lived experience.

Side magazine, I am pleased to find new things that excited me newsstand, the women's press have long since deserted my handbag. My new pleasures are Fricote, Doolittle, Paulette and chat (with some reservations to the latter: I'm rather baffled by their "old feminist" approach on some issues, but more that seduced by their iconography and writing some of their journalists).

Film, little me have really transported these months outside the tales of the night, the great Michel Ocelot. For the first time, it seemed that the use of the 3D film is justified entirely, giving us the sensation of find us in a puppet theatre, rather than before a white canvas. A very, very beautiful success.

Without transition no, I also fell there a few days on the film eat, pray, love that I looked at a glance distracted by something else at the same time. I had read many negative things about the book, but I think that we are too used in France, that simple messages are simplistic messages. I think that the film expresses this idea: the learning of wisdom through the search for simplicity, or even of the extreme simplicity. Essentially, in life, is in few words, and these words would be understandable by a small child.

And, well, why not, will also make a turn on the television. As a sacred people package, I am already a fan of the new short program of Canal +, short, hyper rhythmic, funny, well seen. And then of course, I can't help my promotion: the issue of the time for me (on Teva) continues this year, my column in stop motion also. Filming resumed and I am all happy. I hope that I can publish some on my blog this year, otherwise, go every Sunday morning.

Side music, is, however, the calm dish. I had the opportunity to listen to a few titles of the first album of Thomas Marfisi which should get out a few months and that I loved, but as long as the album did not exited, difficult to say more (in illustration, this.) Then, to wait before new finds, I listen loop of old titles such as Andrews Sister, Colette Magny, The temptations, things like that.

And finally, I wanted to talk about the first book of my friend Virginia, guide the lazy sexo. Virginia, it is, in your group of friends with whom you can talk about everything, which is equipped with a kind of gift of foresight, who intends to perfection that you say between the lines. As, moreover, is armed humour capable of dégoupiller the most difficult to do or hear, confidences while keeping a sensitivity to any test. Found a little of all these qualifications there in his book. And above all, well remember his name because this girl, it is of course, you will hear about it.

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