Tuesday, December 13, 2011

September music

And Yes after all: why not a playlist, from time to time, history to share with you what warms this back a little fresh sky? Not on your side, hesitate to send me your selections display on twitter @anneso or cachemireetsoie (at) gmail (dot) com directly. Good day amigos!

Bedouin Soundclash (feat.) (Pirate heart) - Brutal Hearts
Peter Von Poehl - The Bell Tolls Five
Feist – My Moon My Man
Connan Mockasin - Megumi The Milkyway Above
Elephanz - Stereo
Tamara Kaboutchek - Deep Inside The Mind
Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way
the bird and the bee - I Hate Camera
Florent Marchet - Narbonne Beach
Robin Mckelle - Bei Mir Bist the Schon
Stacey Kent - the holiday by the sea
Thomas Dutronc - tomorrow

Or otherwise, you can also directly click here to read on spotify.

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