Saturday, December 17, 2011

Small anniversary nightmare

I have never feared the years. Because experience shows me that each apparition ride may correspond to a learned, understood thing, vécue… aging does me not fear, at least to some extent. Each year spent with his lot of events, happy or not, but always builders. I like to experience the sensation of progress, whatever the domain and nothing, better than the days racing, offers opportunities to feel growing up. I should be pleased to celebrate this.

But not. This day suspended between two bridges - that of the past, that of the future - paralyzes me, literally. The anniversary, terrifying time of the balance sheet, awful judgment day.

As if every year, these good benevolent fairies who lovingly looked at my cradle a beautiful November morning, suddenly wonder accounts without the slightest pity. They blow me ear a haunting ticking and questioning me with this way that we see in the movies, you make guilty before you let a chance to defend yourself: what do you do talent we have given you? Should we regret putting all this in your hands rather than those of your small neighbour of room maternity? This beautiful family in which you are born, your ability to write, to imagine, to dream, your nice heart any tendre… do mistake you, small! There is nothing to you: all your chances, all your joys, absolutely all this belongs to us! You are liable for all. Have given you us this mission to grow, in only you was worthy? What do you say to your defence? What have you to show us?

Every aspect of my life is carefully considered. Then, mercilessly, after lengthy chuckled before my small human size, point an accusing finger on my weaknesses, my negligence, my laziness, ignorance, that know-be… Strong of their relentless justice, they houspillent me, they laugh, nothing is ever enough for them. No effort, no decision is through their eyes. Their greed to see me succeed without fault knows more limit.

On each anniversary, good mentors become witches and the formula escapes me, which could bring them back to best feelings. Now therefore, I shaking before the fairies and I am Earth, convinced to earn the ire, persuaded to have committed the unpardonable fault without feel able to identify it. Strongly tomorrow.

But this gloom transient (Fortunately, it does day never that a birthday per year) does not we forget the essential: the gifts. Here are therefore some ideas pretty anecdotal things here and there:

1 Ball of woollen - 2 carpet. Pan in enamelled metal - 3. Mug - 4. Small come - 5. A collection of vases - 6. Multicolor cozy carpet

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