Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sweet November

This month of incredibly sweet November, I retiens…

The long hours spent on this piano where I réapprends each step, a little like a recovering that would gradually end the use of his fingers. In the difficulty and impatience. Now, I wonder how I could design a day to leave the piano aside: this is a strange mystery, this pleasure takes one to engrener the notes, even when it is not very well. Ears are abused, fingers glee and it is the jubilation prevailed each time.

The appeals of Mr. occurring always at the right time precisely. Mr., my cousin twin. It may feel a rage of teeth I would have here in Paris since his Quebec apartment. Always very far and still always there. There is sometimes a need Draper love: speaking of it here, this is what I do, I think.

Blonde, the new Pirate heart album. This girl seems to have swallowed everything the French music was able to produce in fifty years and transforms it into something both personal and familiar. As if it knew the song, without being able to remember from where. With accents of April March, also, and this voice, a nothing annoying sometimes, which only belongs to it. A feeling of freedom, finally: heart of Pirate plays the music she loves exactly. It is the impression that gives the album in any case; and as at the bottom, I always stand with people libres…

These painful hours spent under the hull of the boat, fiber stripper bowling up to melting. I feel well in the discomfort of heavy work. I don't know, it may be this species of silence shared with the other do-it-yourself on boats around me. The advice in the cold. The words covered by the noise of the machines. And then I like watching the progress of the work. Blues in the Palm of the hands, the cramps make me almost pleasure if I am correctly fulfilled my task. Finally, it is the boat of my grandfather: take care of Youk Bé, it is a little take care of him. The two need.

Nights spent in the company of Gabrielle, Adelaide and Florent. The character of this saga of Marie Laberge, the taste of happiness, that I have not yet entirely completed. V. who advised me it is. And this is confirmed, it really has the nose end as soon as it is to apply to my sensitive strings. I found these bourgeois heroes a little of everything which touches me in humanity. All this Quebec that in France is much less known language although are believed; and this period of history that fascinates me: between the 1930s and the mid-1950s, where the Western world is a ball changes, evolutions and revolutions.

The black salt of Lindt chocolate. Fish b. maple syrup which is one of the most succulent things in the world. Should I ask him if it is well that I publish the recipe on this blog. A nice video of FKY on Venice, which gives me want to immediately take a ticket to this city I love so much.

This small ring with a rose that I want to go to my finger. A head of Zebra in wallpaper. This bracelet gives me want to wear, me never clogging me of costume jewelry. And always inspiring images gleaned here and there, which here is a small collection. I read me. It is curious, it looks like a letter to my father.

Photo credit: 1 tree of Christmas – 2. Painted plates - 3. Ring Rose - 4. Wood + embroidery - 5. Bracelet of wood painted – 6. Dog sock - 7. Zebra pink paper - 8. Carpet wool balls - 9. Fungi

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